Young England Kindergarten


Mr and Mrs Stirling - Every day was a happy day at Young England; you have a mighty team and should feel very proud of what you give to the lucky families whose children get to grow up with some rock solid foundations! So thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs Cavaliere - Your entire team have created an environment which is nurturing and caring, whilst providing wonderfully balanced stimulation through a mix of playful activities and fun. Our son has developed and benefited immensely during this time with Young England and we cannot recommend it to parents highly enough. He is well equipped to master the next step of his development and, most importantly, he is a happy and balanced child, and Young England has played an important role in this. 

Mr Mclaren - Young England made us shed tears five times. Twice when, brimming with desperate anxiety, we first handed over our clinging, trembling innocents to their care, twice more when in turn, and with many backward glances, they left for the last time, and last when the realisation hit home that for our family YEK would no longer be part of our lives. There's real alchemy in that very special place. The ingredients are all there – the endless kindness, the thoughtfulness, the imagination, the fun, the skill and technique, the reassuring blend of modernity and glorious timelessness – but the way they are whisked together into something truly unique defies understanding. If genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains, then the staff at YEK are all geniuses.

Mr and Mrs Si-Ahmed - Our two children have had the unique privilege of attending Young England Kindergarten and our family feels extremely fortunate to be a part of the magical YEK community. Having our sons there has been one of the happiest experiences of our lives – it is a little jewel box of a school that is overflowing with love, goodwill, simple and traditional values, and joy.  The teachers and staff at YEK bring out the very best in a child and enabled our sons to flourish and become confident, bright, sensitive, happy children who love to learn.

 I feel so blessed and proud to be an alumni parent of one of the finest schools I have ever encountered and a school that has given our sons an extraordinary start to their education. Young England strikes the perfect balance between letting a child enjoy the wonders of childhood and yet still preparing them for the most academic and prestigious schools in Central London. Miss Kay does an exemplary job of creating an environment that is warm, nurturing, wholesome and stimulating. Young England is truly one of a kind and a deserves its status as a most beloved and revered school in London.

Mr and Mrs Newson – We wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful experience Madeline had at YEK. We feel she flourished under the fantastic teachers, and learnt so much. We are so impressed with the wonderful manners that she picked up. Thank you again for making Madeline’s first school experience such a wonderful and positive one. She talks about YEK consistently, but is loving Garden House already, and I think that this is due to the wonderful confidence that she gained at YEK.

Mr and Mrs Lieberman – I am so grateful for the fantastic start you and your team have given my children. You have all been so kind, sweet, patient, understanding, fun, imaginative, creative and, among so many other things, comforting. I sound like a dictionary, but you have been nothing but fantastic. We have, during our time, gone through a few teachers, some that are still there and some that have moved on. No matter where they are, we feel truly blessed to have met them. You will all be greatly missed.

Mr and Mrs Methuen – I can’t imagine a better, happier or more fun place for anyone to start their school days, and to be prepared so well for their next stage in schooling. Your wonderful team of staff are amazing and create a unique “family” atmosphere, which is so special. I don’t think anyone could compete with the school plays, giving the opportunity for each child to shine in their own individual way.

Mrs N – Both Archie and Jamie have had the best possible start in their education by coming to Young England and we are so thrilled with our choice. Archie and Jamie have loved every minute of their time with you and so have their parents. The earliest stages of their education have been very well rounded and above all fun. The quality of your teachers ability and sheer warmth is outstanding.

Mr and Mrs Abecassis – I can’t thank you enough for the unique and fantastic care that you provided Alexia with. Going to YEK every morning was such a wonderful experience. You helped Alexia with her discipline skills, provided her with a solid foundation of respect, sharing, listening and good manners. Most importantly, she got, thanks to the YEK team, the LOVE of school, the WISH of writing and the WILL of reading. This will stay an unforgettable experience.

Mr and Mrs Castillo-Bernaus –All three of my children have attended Young England and all have been extremely happy there.  Having tried some nurseries closer to home, I have come back to Young England every time as I think that it offers something over and above the other places I have seen.  The teachers and assistants are all incredibly caring and committed, the range of activities is fantastic and the plays they put on twice a year are of a very high standard given the ages of the children participating. Most importantly the environment is incredibly warm and nurturing and the children are allowed to develop at their own pace. Kay King runs a unique school and my children have been incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful start to their schooling.